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Terms and conditions

A general statement of the terms and conditions

Vehicles available are less than two months old. Prices do not include VAT and are only valid for a limited number of cars. (Type, category, color) A vehicle of your choice is picked up immediately (tomorrow if you wish) from the nearest Europcar service station. Driving is permitted in all of Greece (but off-roading is not permitted). Gasoline and other charges arising from the use of the vehicle (such as tolls, traffic calls, etc.) are not included. Identification, a credit card, and a diploma are required.

Europcarflex includes:

  • ✔ Roadside assistance service
  • ✔ Vehicle replacement within 24 hours
  • ✔ The tires
  • ✔ Traffic fees
  • ✔ Indemnity with mixed coverage of insurance (damage to the vehicle’s underside, windows, and mirrors is not covered)
  • ✔ Insurance for fire and theft total (not partial) with exemption in the same amount.
  • ✔ Indemnity with mixed coverage (damage to the vehicle’s underside, windows, and mirrors is not covered)
  • ✔ There is a charge of 0.08 euro plus VAT per additional kilometer over 2300 free kilometers..
  • ✔ 2nd driver (needs to be declared from the beginning in order for the program and security to be valid.)
  • ✔ Paperless contract and pricing process.

Privileges additional

  • ✔ A discount of up to 40% is available for additional Europcar products such as child seats (€ 60 plus VAT) and GPS (€ 70 plus VAT). A single charge is made for them in the first month and they are used throughout the lease.
  • ✔ Contract / pricing process powered by Paper Fast Paperless.
  • ✔ 2300 free kilometers (For exceeding the kilometer limit there is a charge per additional kilometer 0.08 € plus VAT).
  • ✔ There is a possibility of changing the car for a larger or smaller one at the corresponding cost during the rental period. From the first month already!
  • Hotline for Customer Service
  • ✔ 5% discount on all categories of simple rentals in Greece lasting 1 to 7 days.
  • ✔ If you want you can discuss with us about the acquisition of the vehicle

No hidden fees

  • ✔ The vehicle is delivered with a full tank, and you must return it with the same full tank. The option of prepaying the fuel in our station at the price of the nearest BP or EKO fuel station is available. If you don’t pre-purchase fuel and return the vehicle with less fuel, there is a charge based on the BP or EKO price list plus a handling fee of € 25 plus VAT.
  • ✔ A charge of € 25 plus VAT will be imposed in case of an accident with damage.
  • ✔ The interior of the vehicle (saloon/instruments) should be kept in good shape in order to avoid a charge of € 75 plus VAT for biological cleaning.
  • ✔ The underside of vehicles, the windows, and the mirrors are not covered by Greek insurance.
  • ✔ It is prohibited to drive off the asphalt road (off road driving).
  • ✔ Intoxicated drivers are prohibited from operating vehicles.


  • The minimum lease term is one (1) month (30 calendar days). Rents expiring on May 31, 2023 are eligible for the offer with a price guarantee. When a rental period is extended, the rent is automatically recalculated. Once we have consulted and communicated about the end of the offer period, we will contact you in advance to let you know. 
  • ✔ The program offers great flexibility as only the prepayment of the first month’s rent is required, as well as pre-approval of your credit card with a guarantee amount of €500.
  • ✔ Upon early expiration of the first month (30 calendar days), the first rent (monthly fee) is non-refundable.
  • ✔ There will be a proportional charge in case the second or next month is not completed (a monthly charge is 30 calendar days, a proportional charge is the cost of the total amount of months by days of use on a daily rate).
  • συνολικού ποσού μήνα δια ημερών χρήσης επί της ημερήσιας τιμής σας).
  • ✔ Every 30 days, the lease is automatically renewed and sent to you electronically for signing. You must pay the new lease in advance per our agreement which describes from the first lease the amount of rent per month, duration (30 calendar days).
  • ✔ Companies and entrepreneurs can apply for credit
  • ✔ In addition to the above, the rental is subject to the general rental terms and conditions of Europcar.
  • ✔ According to Greek law, GDPRs are in effect.