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What is EuropcarFlex?

The EuropcarFlex rental program offers businesses and individuals flexible and economical monthly car rentals. EuropcarFlex is a new way to buy and use a car that combines all the benefits of traditional leasing, as well as offering absolute flexibility during the rental period of your new car, while also giving you the option to buy your car at any time. At Kinsen Hellas - Europcar, you can rent a car for as long as you.

How does EuropcarFlex differ from other leasing companies?

The EuropcarFlex service package is offered by Kinsen Hellas - Europcar with a minimum refundable guarantee while providing you with absolute flexibility during the use of your EuropcarFlex car. EuropcarFlex lets you choose the vehicle you want, have it available in just 3 minutes, and keep it for as long as you like. You simply pay a fixed monthly rental fee, no obligations, no hidden fees, and you may use your Europcar Flex car for as long as you want. Furthermore, you have the option to purchase the EuropcarFlex vehicle that you use at any time, after 6 months of rental, at the best market price.

How can I learn more about Europcarflex's offers?

Choose the car you are interested in and click the "I want an offer" button. Fill out the form with the requested information. One of our Sales Customer Support representatives will call you to inform you of the car you are interested in.You can make an immediate reservation (in the 'Book now' button). The car will be delivered directly to the station of your choice (7 days a week during working hours).

Can I return the car whenever I want, or must I rent it for a specific period of time?

Certainly. Europcar Flex vehicles can be returned at any time for no additional charge. We must be notified of your return at least three days in advance.

What is the maximum duration of a EuropcarFlex car rental?

EuropcarFlex car rentals are available from 1 month to 12 months. You can keep your Europcar Flex during this period, and return it at any time without any charge or commitment. Please contact us 3 days in advance. Furthermore, after 6 months, you have the option to buy the car you are using.

How do I return the car if I no longer need it?

When you no longer need your Europcar Flex car, you simply return it to the place where you received it without any hidden fees or financial burden, as long as you notify us at least 3 days before the date you want to stop renting.

Is there a limit to how many miles I can do?

No, there are no kilometer limits. A monthly rental includes 2,300 kilometers, while if you exceed this limit, there is an additional fee of 0.08 euros per kilometer + VAT.

How long does it take for my car to be picked up?

Pick-up is really as simple as it sounds. Upon booking, you can pick up your Europcar Flex car from the station of your choice within 3 minutes.

How long will I have to wait to pick up my car?

You will only need to pre-pay the first rental amount (monthly rentals) and pre-approve your credit card with a guarantee of €290 to use Europcar Flex. Return of the guarantee on the day you return your Europcar Flex.

What is the payment method for rent?

Your payment is made using the credit card you declared or if you maintain a company with a credit of the monthly rent and payment within 7 days in a bank account of Kinsen Hellas - Europcar. Every month you will receive electronically your renewed monthly contract which you can repay with your credit card or by electronic payment through a bank. You will have to return the Europcar Flex car if the monthly rental is not paid within the predetermined time period. Otherwise, Kinsen Hellas - Europcar will immediately file a lawsuit to protect its interests.

Will I be charged for the whole month if I return the EuropcarFlex car early?

In the case of early expiration of the first month (30 calendar days), the first rent (monthly charge) is not refunded. When you don't finish the entire second or following month, there will be a proportional charge based on the days you used during that month on your daily rate.

How often is my lease renewed and do I have to visit a station?

The lease is automatically renewed every 30 days while it is sent to you for signing electronically. It is not necessary for you to be physically present at the Kinsen Hellas - Europcar stations. The rental amount for one month, and the duration of the lease (30 calendar days) are repaid in advance, per our agreement described in the first lease.

Are there any hidden fees?

Kinsen Hellas - Europcar lease packages are clear and do not hide hidden costs while notifying the customer of any charge that may be imposed from the beginning of the lease. - The vehicle is delivered with a full tank, and at the end, it must be returned with a full tank. We allow you to prepay the fuel in our store at the price of the nearest BP or EKO fuel refueling station. In case you return the vehicle without pre-purchasing fuel and with less gas, there will be a charge of € 25 plus VAT based on the BP or EKO price list -In case of an accident with damage, there is an administrative cost of €25 plus VAT to pay the processor. -Vehicle interiors (saloon/instruments) should be kept in good condition as there may be a charge for biological cleaning of € 75 plus VAT -Please be reminded that in Greece, no insurance covers the bottom of vehicles, windows, or mirrors. - For damage caused by your own fault, you will be charged up to the amount of the exemption from the gross insurance (700€ to 1200€, depending on the type of vechicle). Damage assessment is done by means of the certified global DAT system (https://www.datgroup.com/products/repair-cost-estimation).

What does Europcar Flex service include?

EuropcarFlex service and offer packages include: Roadside assistance service, car replacement in 24 hours, tires, tolls, and a mixed insurance package with exemptions (insurance excludes damage to the underside of the vehicle and to the windows and mirrors). This also includes fire insurance, total (not partial) theft, as well as 2300 free kilometers (for exceeding this limit there is a fee of 0.08 € plus VAT), a second driver if declared from the beginning, as well as a fast Paperless contract / pricing process.

Are there any benefits to being a Europcar Flex customer?

As a Europcar Flex customer, you can: Rental with discounts up to 40% on additional Kinsen Hellas - Europcar products, such as child seats (€60 plus VAT) and GPS devices (€70 plus VAT). They are charged once in the first month of the lease and used throughout the lease - replace the car with a bigger or smaller one corresponding to the values. Already from the first month! - use of the vehicle throughout Greece except for abroad - A Customer Service Hotline is available - There is a 5% discount on simple rentals lasting 1 to 7 days in all available categories in Greece - Vehicle acquisition - 2300 free kilometers (for each additional kilometer, there is an additional charge of 0.08 € plus VAT). - -The use of a second driver must be declared at the beginning for the program and security to be valid. - -Fast and Paperless contract / pricing process.

Are your cars only used?

No. The vehicles available as part of Europcar Flex are the newest models of Kinsen Hellas - Europcar and have just a few hundred kilometers on them.

Is it possible to get more than one vehicle from you for my company?

You can fill out the details on the form, email us at info@europcargreece.com, or give us a call at 211 190 3000 to formulate together an offer that fits your business' needs.

As an entrepreneur, do the costs of car rental go through my tax return?

Yes, of course. Depending on your needs, we will send you either a receipt or an invoice in your email each month.

Is it possible to rent a Europcar Flex car if I'm an individual with no business in my name?

You can, of course. You can fill out the form I want an offer or send us an email: info@europcargreece.com or call us at 211 190 3000 to configure the Europcar Flex offer to fit your needs.

Can I use EuropcarFlex if I live in Crete?

Europcar Flex is initially available in the region of Attica in Crete (Heraklion & Chania), Thessaloniki, Corfu, and Rhodes, before expanding into other regions. We can inform you about the possibility of using the service in other areas of Greece by contacting one of our Sales Customer Support Representatives or by e-mail at info@europcargreece.com. You can also reach us by phone at 211 190 3000.