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Become a partner!

Kinsen Hellas, a force in vehicle rental and long-term leasing in Greece, is today the strategic partner of Europcar Mobility Group, a global leader in vehicle rental services. Customers in Greece can enjoy Kinsen-Europcar services that are high quality, consistent, and professional. In 29 cities and airports across the country, Europcar (Rent A Car) of Kinsen Hellas has corporate and franchise stations. Offering a high level of service and brand new vehicles of all kinds and categories, Kinsen-Europcar welcomes its customers to brand-new stores designed in a minimalist, Europcar-style design.

With a brand that has 100% recognition, you can be sure that your franchise business is solid. For us, every Europcar store is its own franchise business.


Kinsen-Europcar invests continuously in its franchise partners, providing:


Developing your business: We monitor your store’s performance and suggest specialized improvement ideas, creating incentives for your growth. We also motivate our partners through a political reward system to keep improving.
✔ Through Kinsen Hellas centralized procurement & purchasing system, our partners get competitive prices, reducing their business costs.
✔ A single Quality Management System has been installed, implemented, and continuously improved.
✔ Marketing Support: We run promotions & offer services tailored to each store.


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Get in touch with us at 211 190 3000 or if you want to join the Kinsen Europcar family.

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